Scary, somewhat

Living life daily is routine, and scary. It’s scary if it is routine. What kind of life is that? It’s also scary when it’s full of what’s new. You never know what’s coming up.

Routine is a robot-like life. I don’t think I have to expound on what routine is, and how it simply adds to a deepening stagnation. What is not robot-like is the fresh ounce of frustration or depression that is added by the day.

Discovery, though, is not all fun. We don’t like routine but we don’t like too many surprises either. We like something new and nice every day but what’s new and nice is not under our control. In a daily life of discovery, there can be adventure and there can be painful experiences.

Routine clings to familiarity, and familiarity brings security. Unfortunately, life is not all about security although it is a firm foundation. Beyond security are everything that can bring excitement, joy, and contentment. We have to find security in more ways than one. In fact, we build it as we go along. We have to because so much more will be missing if fear dominates our lives.

Like a child growing up, there are several occasions for pain, mostly from stumbling when just learning to do things that eventually bring us security. With what’s new is excitement, but lots of stumbling, too. Yet, I hope we choose that over routine, over repeating what we already know and not discovering something new each day. After all, when we have reached our respective ages, that means we survived the stumbling and learned lessons, too.

Ironically, the weight of routine is heavy despite its familiarity. And, strangely enough, it brings its own pain when routine numbs the soul.

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