When Pursuing Your Purpose Feels Like An Epic Failure
Jane Hwangbo

Hi Jane, very insightful and I felt very similar when you mention the thing about running away from pain. So, you decided to keep trying and ultimately getting beyond the pain. However, I feel there is one point that was not clear to me: you had 2 years of feeling like “doing nothing” and you knew about money management. Then, you “connected your dots” and started the money school, was that a passion you felt deep in your heart? Or you just thought, let’s give it a try?

I ask you because everybody talks about purpose and passion. Personally, I like business, sports, reading, nature… but when I think about my next project I never feel like “wooow” I have to really do this for myself and the world.

I say this because seriously people talk and talk about passion and purpose like if there is no other route to find fulfillment. That worries me when I ask myself, do I really want to put all my energies and time onto this?

I liked very much your writing and the exposure you show from past struggles.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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