Leaving Google, starting a new decade

A few weeks ago, I changed gears after a long decade working at Google. Taking this step has not been an easy decision — pretty much like leaving a party you would like to never finish and you don’t believe you may leave one day

Google has been the company in which I have worked for more time in my life and probably the best. I have enjoyed lots of opportunities, from being one of the initial leaders to drive its business in Spain to leading European efforts to grow the mobile apps business, with a lot of magic moments in between, including an unforgettable experience in Silicon Valley. I have been lucky to work across Product and Sales teams to scale astounding businesses with customer focus. Been part of an unique culture that has allowed me to work with high caliber people which have become close friends. While being empowered to drive my own future and change the world — I can’t thank enough Google for this experience, that has helped me grow professionally and personally and take part of that magic with me

Now it is time to write a new page. And I am taking a big bet. I am starting a venture with an ambitious mission I am passionate about. Thinking big but starting small, being back to entrepreneurship and into the jungle again. Initiating a new decade, with 3 resolutions:

Turn this vision into an enduring company that builds more than a business with positive impact on people, scaling it as much as possible to accomplish its mission: While I defer sharing the details of what and how (still some customer testing stealth mode to validate for a few months), I can share its inspiration comes from a personal aha moment, building on my experience across different areas and things I care about. It means creating something new and uncertain, moving into “high risk high return” territory. It may become huge or go nowhere, but I’m definitely up for the fight

Contribute to Spain’s momentum to build a competitive ecosystem able to nurture global champions and develop and attract top talent. While coming back to Spain was largely a personal decision, starting up here is a mid term bet for a digital and entrepreneurial ecosystem which has grown significantly over the last years — in Spain and in Europe overall. I am really impressed on the progress achieved recently and the rising quality of entrepreneurs and companies. Having been a veteran with an early focus in the internet opportunity (in the launch of projects like Netjuice and Terra), and a partner to many entrepreneurs and initiatives, I am happy and excited to be back and eager to contribute again

Keep on learning, with an eye on innovation and philanthropy. After all, it has been my curiosity (in internet, mobile, social entrepreneurship, new business models and quite a few other things) what has brought me here. As change won’t stop, learning is the way to continue getting to better places in this uncertain, fast moving and exciting future. Learning is also fun, even more when it comes from sharing with others, where the golden rule always apply: the more you give, the more you receive. I have been lucky to enjoy the gift of mentoring entrepreneurs, partnering with Ashoka fellows, lighting a spark in young students committed to find their way… I plan to continue to stay close and “partner in crime” with innovators, forward thinkers and dreamers who want to change the world

As it happens with every resolution, I know I will not be able to stick rigidly to them and need to exert some flexibility to catch the waves as they come. However I feel they set quite a clear True North to navigate towards, at least for a decade

Making good of Atomico’s claim, “great companies may come from everywhere”, I hope to bring my bit to increase our share in that “everywhere”. Still propelled by Google’s magic, passionate about making my vision an enduring company, encouraged by partnering with great people to make this happen together. Stay tuned…

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