TL DR: I wrote a script with Selenium to update the date of pictures stored in Amazon Photos, since there is no Amazon Photos API and my undated pictures had the date they were taken in the filename. The whole script is here.

What’s my problem?

I use Amazon Photos to backup and manage my images, which includes the photographs I take with my camera (I’m kind of a photographer, so I take A LOT of photos) but also the pictures I receive through WhatsApp, for instance. Photos organises the pictures chronologically, groups the pictures by the year they were taken, by the…

With the Internet of Things growing more and more popular every passing day, we can’t just ignore the potential of including sensors in our projects, or the benefits that may carry to us. Nevertheless, integrating sensors into our projects may be not an immediate, easy task for most of us.

You need to connect your sensors to a controller, like a Raspberry, an Arduino or similar; you need to connect them to the Internet; you need to store the data; then you’ll have to retrieve that data… Endless suffering.

But if you just want to make a test (or you…

José María García-García

Software engineer interested on Affective Computing, Arduino and memes.

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