Yes: The OP posted a list of things that she believes a man ought to do.
Svetlana Voreskova

As usual you are right on point. I watched the “Women's March”and could not help but wonder did these 3rd. wave “Feminist” not see the contradiction in their “March”. Feminist (1st wave) were seeking equality in the workplace and the right to pursue a future as they saw fit or to be more than just a “Body”. The march on the other hand was all about the “Body”, the “Pussy Hats”, “Vagina suits” “bloody tampon” and my fave “ this Pussy bites back”. The movement has come full circle so to speak. A poll of college age women not to long ago asked “What did you want in your man”?? The answer “He” should treat me my friends good and be a bastard to everyone else. I remember a feminist writer praising the “Metro-Sexual” male or as the great Cal.Gov. The “El Terminator” said don’t be a “girly-boy”, till a thug pulled a knife on them to rob them and her wonderful “Metro-sexual” God ran and got home faster than her, he could not change a flat because he did not have the strength to take the lug nuts off and when the lights went out he would not change the breaker because he might get shocked, and why is it that these liberal/ progressives who say they are the “elites” have a weight problem and seem to favor blue hair?? just wondering.

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