Cool, I didn’t know that Obama did such a narcissistic thing but I am not surprised.
Proudly Unaffiliated

If you think “all” your ideas and all that you believe is right, you don’t look for new ideas, you already have them, the first “black” President and I fear the last for a long time. The problem with Progressivism is 1)The idea that the Constitution is outdated and should be dropped, but worst and most dangerous is the idea, that 2) those who should run the country and run everything are those with a higher education, the “technocrats” should run it all because by virtue of their “education” they “know” what needs to be done and everyone else should follow like sheep.3) Multiculturalism is a good, it is no more than “Tribalism” by a new name, Multiculturalism locks people into little corners an divides everyone by, color, ideology, gender and so forth, well the “american” pie can only be sliced into so many “parts” which means someone gets left out whereas The “melting pot” everyone comes and over time becomes “ American” not a hyphenated American but American.