Okay, I get that.
Nathan Whiteside

The first thing is my family is a rainbow from blond/ blue eyed, to oriental on to charcoal black, so I really don’t care how anyone “lumps” me. The “white Power” structure is another excuse as is the so called 150 year old “legacy” of slavery, statistics show more blacks were in college, graduating, employed and by any other measure doing” better before the “Great society” shackled them with “welfare” and other runaway “entitlements” I as a 62 year old Puerto Rican well remember what real “racism’ was being a “spic” and all, yet my family raised us not to buy into the “racist” cause our problems. The effects of Liberal/ Progressive “social engineering” and the selling out of “ Black leadership” for the proverbial “lucra”, convincing blacks that irrespective of all the aide in it’s myriad forms, it’ is still “white devils” and the ‘White Power structure” That holds them back. That it is not a lack of education and the embracing ideas as “talking white” rampant crime, the breakdown of the family, poor educational skills, social skills,and a seeming preference for the “lowest common denominators” that has caused the destruction of this community only the community can rebuild itself, no amount of blaming will educate you, employ you or raise your kids with the skills needed to success but yourselves till you can put all the blaming behind you you will just keep spinning your wheels.