Chivas’ fan engagement during Clásico Nacional as big as their win over Club América

Chivas de Guadalajara used Facebook, Vine and their official app to engage with their fans during the game and they won, just like they did on the field. Big time.

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The night of the “Clásico Nacional”, precisely between the 9:04PM kickoff and the end of the match at 11:00PM Chivas de Guadalajara’s posts on Facebook reached a total of 738K Likes, 182K Shares and over 10K comments.

The only video posted during the game on the official Chivas Vine account was Isaac Brizuela’s first goal of the game. The video got 235K loops.

Chivas Oficial -the club’s official mobile app- also saw great numbers during the game played on Saturday night. Specifically, over 52K users engaged during the game totaling 108K sessions, over 450K screenviews and 389K events.

The average user spent 04:04 minutes per session.

Specifically, 26.7% of the total number of sessions came from the United States which, once again, shows that Chivas’ fan base in the United States is active and very much eager to interact with the club through their smartphones.

Gradually, Chivas’ innovation team led by Aldo Guerrero starts to identify and individualize their followers across Mexico and the U.S.A — the geo-fencing and beacon technology integrated into their official app alone has already made Chivas database significantly richer than it was before the app’s release.

As Chivas Oficial app and Chivas TV continue to grow, the club is expected to be the very first one in LATAM to provide a 360° digital experience before, during and after games to their beloved (and uber-connected) #Chivahermanos.

Chivas de Guadalajara clearly understands that sports organizations with large fan bases are supposed to be the ones embracing technology and innovation, since the majority of their most fervent followers are digital natives and millennials.

Chivas thrives -on and off the field- each time they need to show flexibility, innovation and adaptability.

Evidently, Argentine head coach Matías Almeyda and Chivas’ owner Jorge Vergara are completely aligned.

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Club America, on the other hand, reached a little over 20K Likes on Facebook. Their official Instagram account was not active during “Clasico Nacional”, and it has not been during the last 5 weeks.

In regards to mobile presence through an official app, Club America still does not have an official app available for download on Google Play and Apple stores for their millions of followers in Mexico and the US, which is simply mind-blowing.

However, it makes sense that a giant Mexican TV conglomerate such as Televisa (owner of Club America) who is the one supposed to pull the trigger, hasn’t done it yet.

The television industry in Mexico is going through an identity crisis, and Televisa is probably the one actor most interested in soon finding definitive answers needed to survive in a world where people spend more time on the internet than ever before, and 72 percent of ad agencies in the United States say online video advertising is as effective, if not more effective, than television, according to a survey from BrightRoll.

Regardless, once again Club America missed an opportunity to demonstrate their vision, if any, when it comes to communicating with their followers in Mexico and the US in today’s globalized, digital and mobile world.


José Miguel Burgos is the Co-founder of International Soccer Consultants, agency responsible for the commercialization of Chivas Oficial and Chivas de Guadalajara digital platforms in the US.

Connect with him through LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.