Affise Hires a New VP of Sales to Scale Towards $50M ARR and Beyond

Performance marketing software company Affise is on a mission to simplify partnerships. Founded in 2016, they developed a partnership marketing platform that helps brands, advertisers, and agencies automate and scale partner relations.

Their success has led to the massive growth of their team. From around 100 people in 2020, they’ve scaled to 170 people located all over the world today.

With this growth comes the need for high-level talent to capture momentum. That’s why Tanya Grypachevskaya, Chief Revenue Officer at Affise, wanted to hire a Vice President of Sales who had experience scaling startups from $10M to $50M ARR and beyond.

How do you find a recruiting partner that’s looking out for your needs?

Like many companies, Affise first turned to an agency for their search. However, it quickly became apparent that the agency was not able to deliver what they needed for the position — both in terms of quality and speed.

The candidates the agency was providing didn’t meet key requirements. Communication was also lacking, with only the occasional update between sharing candidate profiles. When a resume did come through, it was left to Tanya to handle the rest of the recruiting process. The agency did not assist in screening candidates or scheduling interviews.

Commenting on the experience, Tanya adds, “We believe in the power of customer experience. Unfortunately, the agency hasn’t provided the level of service we expected.”

True partners are focused on the same goal.

Because of the experience they had with the agency, the Affise team started looking for alternatives. They tried to tap into their network but found that they just weren’t finding enough candidates that fit their needs.

While evaluating other solutions, a venture fund that had invested in the company recommended looking into Atlas One. Tanya decided to reach out and she was immediately impressed:

“From the very first touch, I would say there was a very clear understanding that it was something we would be interested to try.”

What stood out to her was Atlas One’s pricing model. Since the recruiting cost was not based on the position’s salary, Affise was able to make sure that their interests were aligned in finding the best candidates for their requirements.

Now partnered with Atlas One, Affise restarted the search for the VP of Sales.

Part of Atlas One’s process is creating a Talent Market Map. Region-specific data was gathered and analyzed to create a recruiting strategy for the position. From the size of the talent pool, average salary, years of experience, and more, Affise received valuable insights to help make informed hiring decisions.

Tanya also worked closely with Eoghan, their dedicated Talent Partner. He’s part of the team of experts that Affise was able to leverage for their talent needs.

Eoghan was constantly communicating with their team with regular calls, keeping everyone updated on the search. He also provided recommendations related to the recruiting process, advice on how best to organize interviews, and how to impress candidates during interviews.

Using Atlas One’s talent platform was another highlight for Tanya. As the hiring manager for the role, she was able to evaluate candidate profiles, review notes, and see all the relevant data in one convenient location.

When interests are aligned, you can grow with confidence.

One of Affise’s requirements was to find candidates with the right experience level to be in a decision-making position to scale the company from its current stage. Over 70% of the candidates that Atlas One screened were people that Tanya was interested in talking to. Most of them moved on to second-stage interviews.

“The level of candidates was really nice. The interesting part was that all the candidates had relevant domain experience . . . They have the experience which we have requested in terms of the stage of the company and in terms of revenue.”

11 weeks after Atlas One started the search, Affise was able to hire their new VP of Sales — their first leadership-level hire outside their network. Recruiting for other key positions is also making steady progress.

As Affise continues to grow and evolve, they can count on Atlas One to adapt and deliver the talent their team needs.

Get a team of experts with all the tools and insights to scale your team.

Book a demo at to learn more about the Atlas One LIVE full stack recruiting program.




Content Strategy at Atlas One

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Joseph Jusay

Joseph Jusay

Content Strategy at Atlas One

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