My First Two Weeks at Full Sail

Joseph Whittington
Jan 21 · 2 min read

First Impression

My first impression of Full Sail was that It was gonna go by faster than I’d be comfortable with. So far, Only two weeks in that has proven to be true. Even during the Orientation, there was a ton of information coming at me really fast. As usual, I had to get familiarized with the school’s e-learning platform as well as their scheduling system all the while trying to figure out where all the buildings were.

The Schedule

If you’re here trying to figure out what the school is like this is probably the most important bit right here. This school does not have traditional schedules, each term is only 4 weeks long and the workload can get serious if you don’t plan your schedule out. I’m only two weeks in and I’m already seeing how dangerous this schedule can be once I start taking the core classes. I’ll have to update this section once I take a few more classes since I’m in the first term and I’m taking introductory courses right now.

The Integrated Learning

A big part of the coursework here at Full Sail is the integrated learning activities. This is essentially half of your attendance credit, these are basically lab exercises that are required each week and they don’t affect your grade, but if you don’t do them you will be marked as absent and miss course hours. Missing course hours in this school is the easiest ways to fail.


Full Sail only allows students to miss four course hours per class per term. If you miss class you lose however many hours the lecture was and if you miss more than 4 hours total for a class, you automatically fail, there is no fighting this. Additionally, if you arrive for a class more than 15 minutes late then you are considered tardy. Four of those and you lose 2 hours of attendance. It doesn’t appear to make sense, but the school only handles attendance hours in twos. So if you are constantly late then you could fail because of tardiness, so keep that in mind when registering for morning classes.


This school does not play games, it is expensive and it gives you some useful practical education, but you only get out of a program what you put into it. It’s possible to skate by doing the minimal effort, but putting in the extra effort can lead to incredible results and if you put in the work, you will be really well set for a job after graduating.

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