A recent publication from DeepMind brings an interesting new take on sample-efficient online learning.

The gates are open, come on in. (Photo by Ágatha Depiné on Unsplash)

Copying tables of results from the console into a Latex report can be tedious and error fraught — so why not automate it?

Making tables should be simple and elegant (Photo by Roman Bozhko on Unsplash).

Making Tables in Python

Can we get agents to cooperate and coordinate in teams? (Photo by Eric Krull on Unsplash)

Grand generalisations about the future impacts of artificial general intelligence overshadow the more pressing issues we face today.

Finally, robotic beings rule the world — pictures of the Terminator and HAL are just played out at this point. (Flight of The Conchords, Robots)

This tutorial demonstrates how to integrate Kaggle with GitHub actions to enable better reproducibility of data science projects.

Reproducibility means hitting the right target, every time (Photo by Oliver Buchmann on Unsplash)

Kaggle and GitHub Actions

Photo by Kevin Lee on Unsplash

The Computer at the Core of the Car

Real time image style interpolation can create unique styles that can be applied to any image.

A single neural network is able to perform multiple reinforcement learning tasks.

The curse of forgetting

Joseph Early

PhD student at the Alan Turing Institute and the University of Southampton. Machine Learning, Explainable AI and AI Safety www.jearly.co.uk

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