A Response to “Political Correctness Is Essential to Productive Debate”
Morgan Markwood

Very easy oversimplified article you’ve written.

Plenty of people criticize Obama who aren’t labeled as racist.

Offense is not solely in the eyes of the offended. Using a term like n****r, sand monkey, kike, etc… is objectively offensive.

There’s plenty of ways to have productive debates without being offensive and being ‘pc’.. it actually tends to be more productive because it forces people to examine a sticky subject carefully and choose apt words to describe the issue they see in a way the opposing side can understand and digest without resorting to inflammatory language.

Lots of generalizations in here. A bit lazy and played out ‘conservative’ argument. Also a lack of introspect in terms of non-‘pc’ things ‘conservatives’ are offended by (an issue on most sides).

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