As for the confederate flag, my icon is in protest of censoring the confederate flag, and the history of the civil war. Removing that symbol from our common experience is denigrating the huge sacrifices made to keep the Union, and end slavery in the United States. It would be like removing all pictures of Robert Byrd in his KKK outfit, because the KKK is offensive.
No more baseless than yours :)
Jere Krischel

But it is the flag of those who fought for slavery. You know that don’t you?

As for the KKK in my eyes they were and are nothing more then a terrorist organisation.

Look on a note reconciliation. It is possible that you are right and it is possible that I’m right. However in my opinion solar and clean energy including nuclear are the future.

But it was good to see another persons perspective on the matter and I do apologise if things got a little heated between us however we agree to disagree and I must admit that you have urged me on in the pursuit of knowledge (mostly to prove you wrong :)) nonetheless it was a spirited discussion.

Good night sir