Actually, we have and incredibly strong necessary and sufficient falsifiable hypothesis statement…
Jere Krischel

First things first. You admit that the climate is changing. Good to know you’re not one of those climate change deniers who thinks the it’s not getting warmer because it’s snowing in his backyard.

You were right about the desert however on the matter of the glaciers there are melting at an alarmingly high rate and even threatening to disappear in a rather short span of time.

I believe the industrial revolution was from 1760–1840 which means even before 1950 humanity was releasing CO2 by burning coal in large quantities. It is strange how this hundred year rise in temperature coincides with human greenhouse gas emissions.

And there is nothing gradual about the rise temperature in fact it is accelerating. Since 1970 the average rise of the temperature has been 0.3 Fahrenheit, before 1970 it was 0.1.

We know that greenhouse gases give us the mild temperatures that we have without them the temperature of the earth would be 30 degrees Celsius colder.

So what if the amount of greenhouse gases doubles in the atmosphere will you seriously tell me that will have no consequences?

When you reply you can either say an influx of green house gases will make the climate warmer which case you will have to admit that anthropogenic climate change is fact or you can say that an increase in greenhouse gases will have no influence on the climate, which is obviously false so you can decide between the truth and a lie. But you will have to choose one when you reply.

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