From the data, it looks like the more CO2 we emit, the more natural sinks absorb, so if we emit more CO2, we can expect that the natural processes will simply take it up. Observed CO2 rise then becomes a factor not of our emissions, but of some other dynamic balance of natural factors.
There are no climate change deniers — everyone admits the climate has changed, and will always…
Jere Krischel

That is very dangerous theory because there is a limit to what the carbon sinks can absorb. Plus with the large amount of deforestation going on not only are we producing more CO2 but simultaneously destroying those natural sinks that are supposed to absorb it.

I presume that one of those natural processes you refer to is the acidification of the oceans. Besides 25% of man made carbon emissions are absorbed by plants a similar amount by the oceans which leaves half of carbon emission in the atmosphere.

Besides 50% of CO2 taken in by photosynthesis returns to atmosphere through plant respiration. Of the remaining CO2 more than 90% is released through microbial decomposition and what remains is the actual land sink. If the CO2 rises it could that plants just release more back into the atmosphere.

What your doing is gambling with how much carbon the sinks can take. If you’re right then the carbon sinks will take more carbon if your wrong then you will be complicit in the destroying of our environment and for your sake I hope you can live with that.

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