If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

What this article does not consider is the existence of huge agricultural companies that produce a large amount of the food we consume. These companies don’t necessarily care who is in the White House as long as they can keep making money.

The majority of the rural population have their own debts and bills to pay which means they probably won’t go on strike or keep their harvest to themselves out of the simple reason that they can’t afford it. They need to pay for their heating, for electricity, petrol etc.

Another point is that the United States imports a lot of food from countries like Mexico. The government would only have to make more free trade deals with other countries which in turn would hurt rural America even more especially with tax breaks for agricultural companies.

Last of all the federal government could just cut the farming subventions to all those rural people who are striking and double them for those who are not.

I’d also mention that large portions of the workforce of the agricultural corporations are immigrants, which means they rely less on the rural Americans and more on foreign labour.

I was just focusing on the rural aspect of things but you also mentioned long shoremen and truckers … well all those jobs can be done by immigrants who will accept half the wages and work twice as long and hard.

I think that your doomsday scenario is very unlikely. If it were to get really bad then the government would stamp the rebellion out.

You did raise some interesting points though.

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