An ode for failure

Failure and forgivness go hand in hand. Its where aspirations stop and reality sets in.

You’re just a man, a woman. Not invincible. You can get hurt. Suprise! Failure was and always an option.

Retrospective to the fact you’re no good at all. There’s a sense of feeling you’ve lost your purpose and gall.

It can be fuel to wallow in self pity and pain. Or motivates rebirth. The drive to create.

But challenges lurk with forced output of wins. To compensate for your lack of forgiveness since.

Producing mediocrity at an average rate, is better than nothing all. Over-compensation will be the death of us all.

It’s a constant reminder seated comfortably in stead. Dangling and teasing right over your head .

Never moving. Never moving an inch.

Failure is something you can push to the side, like a mosquito whos searching for blood, wanting to thrive.

Same goals as you, but it failed and died. But no coming back once you’ve squashed in a palm of your hand.

Plot twist; you’re not dead. You’re still alive.

So get over yourself and get out of your rut.

Fuel your fire to forgive yourself, with failures you can’t do a thing about…

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