Ted Cruz Suspends His Campaign

The original title of this post was “Ted Cruz Will Be the 45th US President.” The entirety of the post is down below. As you know, Cruz ended his campaign on May 3rd after losing in the Indiana primary to Donald Trump. The scenario that we hoped and prayed for did not come to pass. Trump and his supporters must now face the reality we warned them about, a majority of Republicans who are unwilling to support him and a united Democratic party that is determined to stop him → (link).

But I don’t believe our prayers were unheard. We didn’t get the nominee we wanted, but if our trust is in the hand of God to guide us, we’ll see that our hope never should’ve been based on what any man can do for us. Stay encouraged, friends…and please pray for our nation.

Here is the original post:

It’s understandable if you’re disoriented or disillusioned with this election. There is a lot of smoke and noise in the air right now. It’s hard to see two feet in front of you and it seems impossible to know what will happen a week from now. The political news cycle is constantly changing. During a typical afternoon, the top story changes multiple times, especially if Trump is tweeting. All of this chaos, however, will subside eventually. The air will clear around this time next year when Ted Cruz is in the White House serving as the 45th President of the United States.

It’s an audacious prediction for early April, I know. But the signs are all there, plain to see if only you know how and where to look. The Cruz presidency will be the result of several unprecedented factors which are perfectly lining up for his victory in November over Hillary Clinton. Although Cruz’s brilliant mind and his hardworking staff will certainly be mentioned as contributors towards his win, there is one person above all others to whom Cruz must give credit for putting him in the White House: Mr. Donald J. Trump. For without Trump, the Cruz presidency likely never would’ve happened.

Although the general election will take place in November, Cruz will win the presidency in July…at the Republican Convention in Cleveland. It is at this convention when another round of smoke will be pumped through the political air, a smoke that is even darker and thicker than what we’re breathing now. The rhetoric will be intense. There will be talk of disenfranchised voters, delegate theft, scheming and even rioting. The higher ups of the GOP will correctly determine that Cruz is the only candidate they can support over Trump in order to avoid a revolt. The networks will love and enjoy every minute of it. The ratings will be fantastic and there will be many brilliant, clever tweets to narrate all the action.

But this smoke will also subside…probably late in the summer when it becomes apparent to Trump and his supporters that nothing can be done to reverse the Cruz nomination. The reality of his nomination will be much harder to accept for Trump’s supporters than it will be for Trump. By then, he may very well have moved on to his next celebrity effort.

In spite of the loss, he will walk away with an invigorated career and a lifetime supply of the attention on which he thrives. To soothe his pride, he will gladly embrace the narrative that the nomination was stolen from him by those horrible liars in the GOP establishment. He will forever talk about the great President he could have been…if only “Lyin’ Ted” had not robbed him in 2016. Trump will never be a US President or even the Republican nominee, but he will nonetheless walk away with something he wants…the right to say “I told you so.” He will forever hail himself as the outsider who was too smart and too truthful to be accepted by Washington. His rabid legion of angry supporters will do the rest of the work for him.

During his 5000 interviews on all the news networks, Trump will threaten a third-party run and may even talk about endorsing Clinton, but this too will fizzle away. His noise will gradually settle down in the fall frenzy of the general election. He’ll make his way to his luxurious mansions, stepping over the dead careers of everyone who endorsed him.

The reputations of Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Greta Van Susteren and Sarah Palin will certainly produce an incredible pile of ashes. They will all try to make their way back into the conservative club to throw their support behind Cruz, but the damage will be done and the trust will be long gone. Conservatives will not forgive these former icons of conservatism for their miscalculated, inexplicable defense of Trump.

Clinton would defeat Trump in the general election in a double-digit landslide. You and I have been exclaiming for months that Trump would be the worst possible candidate we could put against her. Meanwhile, these formerly-trusted voices on the right were validating and celebrating his campaign. We had dismissed Trump because we figured his little flame was contained on all sides, that it would quickly burn out. What we never could have predicted was that these enablers would pour gas on that flame.

As angry as we may be with Trump and his mouthpieces for the scare they put us through over these last few months, the truth is…we’re indebted to all of them. The unexpected, unlikely ascendancy of Donald J. Trump has provided a covering shield from the blistering laserbeams and attention that otherwise would’ve been focused on Ted Cruz.

Cruz was the first candidate to enter the race and the most conservative of the bunch. If the networks never had the irresistible temptation to boost their ratings with wall-to-wall coverage of Trump the celebrity, they would’ve settled for their second favorite obsession; wall-to-wall coverage of attacking Cruz the conservative. If Trump had never entered the race, Cruz likely would’ve wrapped up the nomination in early March. The media would have already begun its process of doing what it does best; finding pebbles in the Republican’s past while ignoring boulders in the Democrat’s past. We’ll see plenty of this in the fall when Cruz and Clinton are the only candidates left.

The American conservative should be happy that the nation is focused on the absurdity of Trump rather than the conservatism of Cruz. Without Trump on the scene, the media would be thoroughly “Romneying” Cruz, scrutinizing every sentence he speaks in search of a phrase that could be used against him. Cruz has already made a few puzzling statements which easily could’ve been used to choke him. Instead, we’re hearing about Trump’s changing position on abortion, his liberal views on the role of government and the arrest of his campaign manager (for grabbing and pulling a female reporter). The Trump headlines are too good to resist. Meanwhile, Cruz is under the radar, accumulating the support of delegates.

Cruz will eventually face the biased scrutiny of the media. It will be blatant, unfair and outrageous…no doubt about it. But when this occurs, the Trump nightmare will be over and our candidate will be younger, smarter, better prepared and more aggressive than Romney. He’ll see the traps and avoid them. He’ll eviscerate Clinton in the debates. There will be nowhere for her to hide. He will pose questions to her that no reporter has dared to ask, questions for which there are no good answers. Unlike the tedious Benghazi hearings, millions of people will be watching these debates. She’ll squirm, duck and evade. She’ll have her usual coughing fits. She’ll resort to the last chapters of the Statist playbook, spewing fear of what Cruz will do to women and Muslims.

But it won’t be enough…not this time. The country is not enamored or unfamiliar with Clinton as they were with Obama. There is nothing novel, new or exciting about her or her positions. Young people will have no reason to vote for her except for the celebrities they admire who told them to do so. Democrat voters will lack the incentive to “get out the vote” on November 8th whereas Republicans will turn out in droves to finally reject a Clinton…and by extension, Obama.

This is all going to take awhile. It’s going to consume all of the remaining 9 months of 2016. It’s going to be loud, chaotic and disturbing. But a year from now, you’ll see it all for what it was; just a a lot of fire, smoke and ashes. It’s hard to see the outcome when you’re in the middle of it all. But from high above, it all looks very clear and simple. We were twice fooled into electing an inexperienced community organizer. So it should come as no surprise that many among us will vote for a clown or a criminal. But in 2017, our leader will be a conservative.

Ted Cruz is our next President.

UPDATE: Just wanted to clarify the part about Rush Limbaugh because several people have commented about it. I’m fully aware that Rush never endorsed Trump, that he never endorsed anybody. I also know that he wants Cruz to win. To be precise, the issue that I and other Limbaugh listeners have had with him is his defense of Trump earlier in the race. There is no voice more influential in conservative politics than Rush. Rather than dismissing Trump in the summer and fall of 2015, when everyone was still making up their mind, Rush legitimized and defended Trump…probably with the hope of making sure we didn’t nominate another candidate like McCain or Romney. Rush has criticized Trump on several occasions, but he spoke well of Trump for months, posing the idea that perhaps Trump could do some good as a nominee. Many people picked up on this and locked in on Trump as their candidate. This was irresponsible, in my opinion. This wasn’t the time to be all fair and balanced. Rush has been vocal and opinionated against liberalism for decades…and suddenly, when we needed him most, he went soft. Although this is just my opinion, I know there are other Rush listeners who feel the same way. In one of my follow-up posts, I clarified my thoughts on Rush Limbaugh. Here is that post → (link).

This article was originally posted March 31, 2016 (link)