The Lazy Man’s Guide To Sports Betting

Bill gates once said “ The laziest on the bay, will find the most easiest logic to do a thing”. Quiet truly, it isn't rather applicable in betting trends. As lazy as you may be, but betting on your favorite NFL club or a tennis star always keeps you keen in your heart. Winter is coming and so do the new season of sports betting.

Some people precept that playing with a full mathematical plan and tricks can outweigh the fortune, but we all know it, they aren’t always right (though majority). That’s why, if you keep the desire of winning, keeping the affinity to lose is also imperative. Keeping few philosophies in heart to preserve the resilience to keep playing after losing, I have surmised some logic’s which will at-least not make you wear lot of debt, if not the betting king.

Be Lazy enough not to put on further bank at betting, if you think you have won enough for the day. Unfortunately, most people doesn’t know the value of “Enough” and ends up the day with “not enough” in hand or sometimes nothing. So, Realizing when to opt out is the best thing. Remember the words “ A wise man is that who knows, when to get off the table and go home”.

Get to know the A and a book feature: Actually A to a means, which game is played well and earn well respectively on what platform. People often end up putting all their bets on a single portal, just because they won the first few on the same. For instance, Skybet is good to go for English football affairs while sites like are good for NFL and tennis affairs. That doesn’t mean, people can only win for respective games on respective sites. But, with good knowledge, you will definitely make a fruitful profit by tailing A and a rule, with some homework at sports betting.

Grading the EV (expected Value) : Always, bet in positive EV and you will never feel the void in purse. But how to know, when a positive EV is coming. Patience is the key, stay rigid on one value and no matter what offer entices you, never give up on your odds. Most bookies, are millionaires because they find success in breaking the odds in your favor and eliminating the chances of positive EV values. The waiting game is the most convincing. Don’t bet if your favorable odd ended up on negative EV. Maybe, its not your day.

Going on New places adds bonus: Now there are two advantages of making accounts and betting on different websites. One is, you get to know the trends of win possibilities on different books. Second is quiet like a free lunch ( who said, there isn’t any?), making an account on these sites will give you an initial bonus for a kick start. Use them well, make some money and simultaneously keep finding new sports betting sites.

Once you make success by following this guide, may be you will be amused on the first day itself. I wish, you also stop saying the favorite quote of betting “More Often, they lose..”