“The city is not only a place to work, consume and sleep”

Professional Skateboarder Leo Valls, Bordeaux, France
Professional Skateboarder Leo Valls, Bordeaux, France
Leo Valls| Portrait | Cafecremeblog.com

For most skateboarders, the freedom to operate in and around the city and to express themselves is mandatory.

Since (what seems like) the dawn of time, skateboarding has been subjected to continuous preventative measures by authorities. These mechanisms have, for decades, remained unquestionable and contesting them has rarely been a possibility or witnessed success.

Bordeaux has been no exception. In fact, for a long time, it was home to a deteriorating relationship between Skateboarders and authorities. Leo Valls is a professional skateboarder originally from Bordeaux, and he knows this better than most.

Black musicians befriending KKK members, solidarity and the importance of healthy discussions.

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The comfort zone is dangerous. When you’re not tried and tested, it’s easy to become complacent and for growth and development to stagnate.

I think a big part of self-improvement and creativity is derived from new experiences, challenging yourself, discovering new parts of yourself and developing new habits.

This can only happen when you place yourself out of your comfort zone, meet new people, take on new challenges, and discuss and debate with people with contrasting views and so on.

Two minds focusing on a task, regardless of the divergent methods they choose to solve said task, grants each person…

From the KKK to the Right to Bear Arms, Skateboard graphics are more than just an aesthetic.

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Skateboard graphics have always been a tool for exposing inequities, pointing fun at popular culture, and holding on to the rebellious vitality that encapsulates the culture.

Equally, sub-cultures, by nature, have always found ways to challenge mainstream beliefs and practices, differentiating themselves in the process. Unique ideologies are sculpted through codes, slang and clothing which make the established difference both obvious and subtle.

It only makes sense that the artwork produced by skateboarders, brands and guest artists, follows suit in this critique.

However, social commentaries have not lead the general patterns of skateboard graphic designs in recent years, and arguably…

An important note: I’m not a professional, everyone is different, copes in their ways and at their own pace. This is not a guide for anyone, I am simply sharing things that I have worked out through my own experience that have been helpful. If you can walk away with something useful, I’ll be happy.

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To offer a bite (I’m so sorry) of background, I’m now 22 years old and have been struggling with eating disorders since I was 15, maybe 16. …

How the Organisation is providing the young people of Palestine with a youthful, positive form of expression in a historically oppressive society.

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When you think skateboarding, you may think of the busy streets dense, urban cities. You almost certainly would not think of the rural outskirts of Palestine’s West Bank.

Their Story

Established in 2013, the non-profit organisation has worked along towns and cities along West Bank in Israel to promote and encourage skateboarding amongst youth groups.

They aim to provide the area with the resources necessary for young people to pursue the activity, such as boards, tools, and skateparks to provide a positive form of expression, in areas that do not cater for the limitless ambitions of younger generations.

“If you don’t change the prison staff and the prison culture, you cannot change the prisoners”

For over a century now, Norway has earned a reputation for its progressive reforms in its prisons. Not without its fair share of criticism, Norway has subverted the conventional beliefs and philosophies which guide prisoner treatment, sentencing, and even the architectural design of facilities, with powerful results.

With Norway sporting one of the lowest recidivism rates globally, at 20%, compared with 76.6%

The power in finding a valuable substitute for bad habits

It is not only natural but healthy to seek out an escape from everyday life — Forms of Escapism provide a little breathing space to relax, get out of your own head & pursue a mindful experience.

Getting absorbed in a binge-worthy series, taking time to cook a long meal with a loved one, reading, writing, along with an almost endless amount of experiences and habits can lead you away from the confines of the mind.

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What you consume, along with the duration and scale of your chosen indulgence, are pivotal factors in determining whether your forms of escape are…

1 Big Homogeneous Sauce of Same.

People like predictable pleasure. Using movies as an epitomising example; they like to know, roughly speaking, what’s going to happen for the duration of the movie, who they should be routing for & what the outcome will be. Think Superhero movies & UK Top 40.

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Artwork by Gaurab Thakali

Low risks draw the same results

This is generally true. Comfort in consumption is a powerful tool, and has been used across industries, repurposing, rebranding & reusing the precursor for successful branding, to promise profitability.

Following the trends & running with the things that promise success, to a degree, stagnates industries & limits creativity.

With terms more so concerning an individual…

How the condition defined by extreme isolation is engulfing many more than previously estimated.

Hikikomori is a condition of extreme isolation.

It is a social condition defined by the Japanese Government as people who haven’t left their house or interacted with other humans for more than 6 months.

This may be a debilitating concept to get your head around, but in Japan’s ever-expanding cities, official surveys and Government officials are only recently addressing the reality of this phenomenon.

In the 1990s, Japanese psychiatrist Tamaki Saito theorised the term, primarily attributing it to groups of Japanese youths and using it to address and understand reclusive behavior.

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In 2015, a survey uncovered that there are over…

How 3 meals-a-day is a marker of Western Work Culture & Urban Life

My tendancy in terms of of what I write, often seems to orientate how our species has been morphed by, and how we have adapted to, Urban life & our economic system.

Capitalism is both an abruptly obvious yet equally pervasive Super-Structure which dictates how so much of our life is lived.

One of these structural influences is found in our regimented, 3 meal-a-day diet. Perhaps surprisingly, it hasn’t always been this way; the Western diet finds its precursors through Colonization, Industrialisation & marketing.

Intuitive Eating & Domestication

When Western Colonizers first found themselves in Northern America, they found their eating habits obviously differing…

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