19 Things I Could Do Besides Check Social Media (Again)
Locke Hughes

The only problem with this list is a third of it it involves the devices that provide a social media fix. The temptation is still there and only a swipe away.

I know this post isn’t about sleep routines but it sounds like you’re most vulnerable at night or in the early morning. I’m kinda the same way and this is how I’ve kept things in check.

  1. Place devices on “do not disturb” one hour before bed. (or turn them off)
  2. I keep my phone on airplane mode until at least 10am M-F. This helps me protect my most productive morning hours from notifications that disrupt my flow. After 10am I’ll switch it on and check / clear notifications, almost always it’s nothing of value.


  1. If airplane mode is too limiting set your device to only notify from priority phone numbers or emails. (day care, clients, spouse, school etc.)
  2. Always remember those social media notifications will still be there when you’re ready to review them. Batch them up and save time.