My 2016 New Years Resolutions

2015 was interesting year. I’m ending the year mentally stronger with precision focus. These past few years I have worked on improving myself by setting goals and accomplishing them: first time homeowner, new car, and all the technology I could dream about (except that MacBook lol). I completed all of my 2015 personal goals this year — except for publishing two ebooks.

I draw inspiration from my muses. These muses I refer to down below inspire me to be the best version of myself. I find that without inspiration its hard to complete goals.

Two of my best friends. Let’s call them 1A & 1B.

1A is building his own brand, following through with his vision for freedom, and executing with urgency. Best of all, he’s found love.

1B is looking to buy his own home and create enterprise software. He too is looking to work for himself.

Kobe Bryant. Relentless focus on achieving goals. Reminds me that all the little details matter in success. You can be 6'6" in the NBA but without immersing oneself, practicing and experiencing failure goals are harder to reach.

Tim Ferriss. Lifestyle design and life hacks. Through his books I learn how to work efficiently, and through this podcasts I listen to Tim interview world class experts in their respective fields. A distilled graduate course in under two hours each week.

Here are my goals for 2016. Of course I have many more, but I like to keep my lists short in order to focus on what is important. Once these goals are met, I will move on to secondary goals.

  1. Be a better father. Most will say I’m a great dad. I’m mostly raising him on my own now. My goal is to harness my son’s interests and passions by putting him in a position to succeed. At 5, he loves singing at choir, playing piano and painting on his easel. For 2016, I will involve him in more choir performances, find a great piano teacher, and encourage him to work on various art techniques. Teaching him Spanish is another goal from last year that will pass on to 2016. My priority as a parent is encourage him to be the best version of himself. If his interests change, adapting and redirecting energy toward his newfound interests is key to keeping him on a path to personal success.
  2. Publish two ebooks for additional revenue streams. Use my technology background to create useful and helpful guides for the masses. I find myself helping family and friends with their computers and mobile devices. I can impact a larger audience by simplifying technology and educating users on a variety of topics that I’m passionate about.
  3. Visit family and friends in New York frequently. On a good day a drive to New York is about 5 hours round trip. It’s exhausting to drive to NYC and deal with a 5 year old’s needs at the same time. I must plan better and follow through.
  4. Expand my vegetable garden. I previously had three tomato plants, carrots, and a variety of herbs. In 2016 I will grow organic vegetables and triple my garden’s size. Zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce, and eggplant will be added to the garden.
  5. Make extra payments on my personal loan with Discover. This past year I eliminated all my credit card debt. I’m down to zero from about $13,000. An extra $100-$200 per month will cut my loan length in half! After the loan is paid off, I’m paying off my car, then I’m moving to pay off my mortgage.
  6. Finalize my divorce. Sometimes a marriage does not work out and it’s for the best. I’ll leave it at that for now.

Best of luck to you all with your New Years resolutions. Draw inspirations from your muses. Use blinders to focus on what is important and don’t forget to have fun.