Let’s talk cars.

Cars have been a primary means of transportation for as long as I can remember. It went from being a practical way of getting around ( on land of course ) to being a practical way of expressing how many zeros one has attached to their account.

Not withstanding, people still buy cars for different reasons, with different functions in mind. From my experience, the ‘car buyers’ are divided into three groups (well they are more than three but for the sake of this write up and because I said so,we will talk about just three) . There are the ‘all floss’ group. Who want the best of the best. I’m talking the AMGS BRABUS, RR PHANTOM, BUGATTI I can go on and on. These group of people only talk about how much they spent on their cars and even if they do have a degree of car knowledge, they take more pride in letting you know how much the car is worth. Ok moving on.

Then, there are the second group who buy cars for what they can do, for what they have been engineered for. If they buy an ‘allwheeler’ it’s because they want a car that can be used during the winter. If they get an SUV it’s because they’re either into heavy duty work or transit the country side frequently. These group of people know their cars to an extent. They can tell you what year it was manufactured, the options the car came with, the 0-60 acceleration time and the fuel consumption. These group are the ‘practical people’ they don’t change cars except it’s necessary and if they do talk about their cars, it’s always about the driving experience in general.

Then lastly, my favorite group of people. The ‘just because’ guys. These guys are awesome and my reason for saying this is simple. These guys go through cars more than others. Not because they’re necessarily wealthy but ‘just because ‘. They buy cars for a lot and I mean a lot of reasons of which most of them are quite flimsy. Before you go thinking that’s a harsh thing to say, remember I said they’re my favorite group and the reason is simple (again ). The car manufacturers make the bulk of their earnings from these group. These guys buy cars because it looks nice, or for a little LED upgrade on the headlight. They buy cars because everyone has one, or they are trying to show their social standing. Their knowledge on cars? Second to Jack squat but they must drive the car they desire, practical or not. Here you find a young lady that drives a full size pick-up truck as a daily, just to work and back home and occasionally for social hangouts. And if you take a little survey and ask ‘why?’ You will hear something along the lines of ‘ I’m small so I like big cars’ or ‘ I don’t know. I just like the way it sounds’.

Basically, all these groups are necessary to the automotive circle of life. Each group has a role to play as funny as it may seem, they even affect the nature or character of the kind of cars that are manufactured today. The ‘ all floss’ group give the other groups something to aspire to get, they keep luxury and exclusive brands alive. The ‘all practical’ group are the reasons why manufacturers take their time to build their cars well because these group of people love value for their money. The ‘just because’ group are the reason why most cars today are generic because these group of people won’t spot the similarities they’re only concerned about esthetics but they’re also the most populated group. So pick your group tell me or then again don’t tell me where you fall as this isn’t a therapy session. I am Joseph and ispeakcars.