All truths fade with time, even scientific truths don’t outlast the ever present flow of insightfulness as it spans the ages. Then how does one find the support in truth with which to carry on? We all need our base of truth in order to decide on how to carry on, I find that the truths that last the longest are those that resonate closest to our hearts. In order to find these truths we must first become familiar with ourselves, with what moves us, with what our hearts hold dear.

Many would and do scrutinize against the wisdom of the heart in favor of the more rational outlook of the mind. It is a very common battle in today's world of rational, but what good is a truth of the mind if the heart won’t accept it? I find that if the heart doesn’t feel it, the mind will only hold on to it for so long. The truths found in our hearts are the truest truths the mind can unravel, because yes the mind must unravel the heart in order to understand it, but it’s worth it!