Intellectual Property is the Only Future Available to a Growth Based Economy.

We are confronted with an economic model of growth that does not take into account the limited resources available. If we continue to base our economy on physical products that take up resources our growth model of economy will deplete our resources.

The only future available to our growth based economy is that of basing its interest on intellectual property. Today in the arising of the digital age we have many new articles of interest that do not take up physical resources but rather digital ones, this allows us an expansion of digital products that would only be limited by our information processing ability.

Information is a rising force in our current society, its importance is evident in our lives today as many of us seek and consume our daily relevances of articles, books, images and video. The expansion of these fields of information is what will carry us into the future why not take advantage of their growth potential by monetizing information and allowing for the prosperity of those who bring us knowledge.

The argument can be made that monetizing information would limit the access of this information to the masses. It is a factor to be taken seriously in consideration but it can be resolved by the way we deal with information. Today information has a top down flow where certain accredited sources control the main flow of the information, by freeing up the information world we can make it more diverse and self regulating. More diverse by allowing everybody who can contribute information to do so; and self regulating by the waves of feedback that would be generated attributing the allotted success or failure due to any and all information published.

What I am basically speaking about is monetizing the internet where we would all be paid to participate and pay to consume. This will alter the available information by adding value to it as when you pay or are paid for something it raises the level of the importance placed upon it. We would no longer consume or post information whimsically and our focus would sharpen in all our interactions regarding information. In a sense it would be the next step in the evolution of our information society, the step of adding importance to the very information that we consume and share.