Total Darkness
umair haque

The best way to fight against the total loss of empathy and consideration is to promote the success of what brings us together and that is love. Love is considerate to the needs of all, love is strong, and love is the best way to fight the decline into violent madness.

We must convince as many as possible of the value of love, form arguments of its strength for we are truly stronger when we are together in love. The people that would become enticed by the blind thirst for power which leads to the senseless violence are people that search for power. Power in itself is not a bad entity, it is good to have personal as well as collective power as it strengthens our resolve. But it must be a power based on tolerance, based on love.

We must convince those that seek power and there always will be those that seek power, that we are stronger together. The multitude that is united will always be the strongest entity. We must develop a sense of identity that supports the variety of personality as a source of power. We must teach people that variety in its resourcefulness is the strongest of all possibilities best suited to handle the wide range of situation that life has to offer.

We must also teach people that this unity in sameness that seeks to destroy difference is not at all strong as it is not well equipped to handle that wide range of situations life presents us with. We must convince them that this argument of strength in similarities that seek the enemy of difference will bring us a short lived success in power; life will break it down with all its different situations which they will be ill equipped to handle as they have given up variety in the quick fix of violent opposition to difference.

Variety is not the easier path as it takes understanding to maneuver it. It takes the strength of mind and being to carry it off, but it is where we are our strongest. When we convince those that would seek power that the power of variety is the greatest power then we will have nothing to fear from those seeking the quick fix of the easier path which seeks to blame difference. Together in variety we are stronger and this is the true message of love.