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Small Colleges vs. Large Colleges

By: Joe Baker

My First day of senior year in high school was bittersweet. I was excited for what was in store for my final year of high school and to make the most out of it.

Senior year is the year that every high school student dreams about, being the “top dog” of the school and getting the benefits of being a senior.

While I was enjoying my senior year of high school and trying to soak every last moment of my high school career in, a decision for my future was looming and waiting in the cards.

The decision of what college to attend was a decision that was a pretty intimidating decision to think about making for my life.

I was always had a weary feeling discussing my college plans with others, because I had no idea what was in store for my future in college.

Growing up I was always huge into sports, whether it is college sports or professional sports.

Every March, I would tune into March Madness and watch games like no other. I would be glued to my T.V. on the first few days of March Madness, just like I am to this day.

A fair majority of my favorite sports memories have come through watching March Madness, through this led to the desire of being apart of the camaraderie that comes along with attending a big institution.

Growing up I dreamt of going to the big time college and get to be a part of a large student body going crazy for their athletic teams and just being apart of something special and bigger than myself.

During the college decision-making process, all of those feelings hit me at once.

I also had a strong passion for playing the game of baseball. While I wasn’t necessarily skilled enough to play at a big time Division 1 institution, I still had desires of playing baseball at the collegiate level.

Life at Tabor College

Fast-forward three years from my senior year of high school and here I am playing baseball at a small NAIA private institution. Tabor College.

I remember my first day on this campus vividly and like it was yesterday. I packed all my belongings and rode up Tabor College on what was the longest 45-minute drive in my whole lifetime.

The longest 45-minute drive in my whole lifetime…during this car ride, doubts started to hit me riding up the long and dreadful 13 mile two-lane road up to the small town of Hillsboro, Kansas.

“Did I make the right decision?”

“Is this something I want to do?”

“Can I see myself going to a small school like Tabor?”

“Should I have attended a bigger institution?”

I finally roll into Hillsboro and see the campus of what will be my future home for the next few years of my life. I instantly felt the feeling of ‘butterflies’ in my stomach and couldn’t contain the anxiety I was feeling.

I instantly felt the feeling of butterflies in my stomach and couldn’t contain the anxiety I was feeling… I would quickly realize in the coming days that Tabor College was meant to be my home for the next few years.

The doubt that originally hit my head quickly wore off and I began to enjoy being a Bluejay and I can proudly say I’m still here at Tabor.

For some students here at Tabor College, they wish they could’ve done something different in regards to their college decision and that is perfectly fine.

I had the great pleasure and opportunity to meet with students here at Tabor College to discuss their thoughts about attending school here and if they ever had aspirations to attend a big university.

Joe: “Micah what made you decide to come to Tabor College?”


We all have dreams and a perception of how we want our lives in college to be. College is an exciting time for us to grow and unveil our true potential.

College Lifestyle at the “Dream School”

According to the University of Kansas, enrollment at the institution was totaled at 28,447 students across all KU campuses as of September 2017 (

In Hillsboro as of 2017 the population of the town was listed at approximately 2,850 residents.

People also may wonder what the student population of Tabor College is if the town has 2,850 residents. Tabor College last year had a total of 770 students at the Tabor College-Hillsboro campus.

28,447 students….It isn’t hard to imagine what life on a big campus like the University of Kansas would be like.

Just think about all the endless opportunities:

-Social Life


-Athletic events (Can’t forget about Jayhawk Basketball)

-Activities in downtown Lawrence

-45 minute drive from Kansas City area

A good friend of mine for the past decade whom I grew up with is a current student at the University of Kansas. My friend’s name is Andrew Rafferty and he is an engineering major at the institution.

He has given me much insight into the life of being a Jayhawk and if it has lived up to the hype that everybody dreams about.

Joe:“So what were some things you were looking forward to before stepping foot on the campus a few years back?”

Andrew: “I was looking forward to living away from home and just maturing into being a man. I also was looking forward to the many opportunities that would be presented to me such as educational opportunities, getting to socialize with new people and just having the opportunity to truly find myself.”