STYLEBEE mobile app: Mockup

Stylebee is a service that brings stylists and beauty experts right to your home. One of the main goals of the app is to save time for the user by and make the user’s life easier by saving them a trip out. Therefore, it is important that the app itself is also easy and fast to use. In light of this, we have redesigned the app’s interface to make sure the ordering process is as quick and painless as possible.

My partner and I will discuss our thought process as we designed an app for StyleBee. Try out live mockup here:

Problem 1: Ordering Process

In order to make the ordering process as smooth as possible for first time users, all the fields are clearly labelled as well, so the user can always see what information they need to enter. We also wanted to make the interface feel cohesive. We achieved this through a unified design, and by using motion to the left to transition between the app’s pages. This helps the user to feel as though they are progressing toward a goal, rather than filling out an endless series of forms

Our design also includes the ability to allow the app to securely store the user’s account and billing information. This makes sure that frequent users can complete their orders as quickly as possible.

Problem 2: Utility of Home Screen

In order to make the home screen more useful, we included a list of the user’s upcoming appointments. Since we expected the user to refer to this often as their appointment approaches, we wanted to make it easy to find. In addition, placing it on the home screen means that users will be reminded repeatedly, and will hopefuly miss fewer of their appointments. We’ve also added quick links to businesses and services the user regularly uses. This makes it possible for users to complete orders with their favorite businesses in just a few clicks. Lastly, we added easy links to the user’s profile and the menu screen.

Problem 3: Search Screen

Lastly, we wanted to add more options to the search screen, such as filters and price range options, rather than exact prices like in the original app. We also allowed the app to automatically detect the user’s location from their device’s location. In addition, we added the option to search by the name of a business, rather than just by service and location. This makes it easier for users to find pages for individual stores if there are a lot of similar options in their area. The user can then select which store they would like to order from on a search results page.


Our goal for our mockup was to add more functionality to the basic app without sacrificing usability. We also tried to simplify the overall interface, making the app easier and faster to use. Let us know how we did!

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