On Perspective

Change happens. Sometimes it’s forceful. Sometimes it’s painful. Most of the time it’s unexpected. Other times you knew it would come, but not so soon.

You give excuses. You think of why things won’t work that way. You’re vocal about it.

You laugh when they try to make that change. You know how the system works, they don’t.

You want them to succeed. You really do. If only they’d just be less arrogant and see things ‘the way they really are’. See things the way you do.

You’re wrong.

They’ve found a solution that works. They did what you said wasn’t possible. You the expert.

You’re hurt. You dismiss what they’ve done. But deep inside you know they’ve cracked the nut.

You were blind in one eye. By choice.

They still need you. They’d always need you.

But now you know not to doubt them.

You have a choice. Let rage blind your other eye and leave you groping around. Or gently open the closed one and accept the light for what it is.


Originally published at josephbensona.tumblr.com.