Why brand journalism is legitimate

I do believe that brand journalism can exist as a legitimate form of journalism. Although there are many professionals that say brand journalism can’t exist because journalism is independent, I personally disagree. Journalism is protected by the Constitution of the United States so that it can remain independent, there is nothing different about companies that do their own reporting on things that they do. Many independent journalists and writers include personal opinion in pieces that they publish, so I don’t see it as illegitimate for companies to bring to light positive things that they do or how they operate through journalism; in fact I see that in itself as a form independence.

Contently claims that companies use brand journalism as a way to increase business, and therefore it is not journalism because it is not independent. But companies could do this by using independent journalists to report on things that they want to present to the public. This has become a controversial topic because people and experts believe that there is a morality issue behind brand journalism: companies can manipulate journalism simply to increase their revenue. The Content Marketing Institute also published an article talking about how some don’t view brand journalists as legitimate journalists but as copywriters or regular writers due to the fact that their goal is to increase attention and revenue to the groups that they operate for. But I disagree with this because journalism is journalism, whether you are completely independent writing on your own or working for a fortune 500 company. And journalists include personal opinion or spin in the stories that they are writing, and that also in itself is independence. That is why I believe that brand journalism can exist.