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Here are 5 tips for new designers.

Some advice to make your design life easier and more rewarding.

Photo by Mia Baker via Unsplash.

Hello there, new designer. Welcome to the industry! Here are five tips and bits of knowledge to help you as you begin this new journey in design.

  1. Designers are in the business of versatility. Regardless of how you market yourself, teach yourself a wide variety of skills — they’ll inform one another. Learning new skills also helps you become a better thinker and can give you a competitive edge. Stay thirsty!
  2. There is someone doing better work than you. There always will be, and that’s okay. It can be a hard fact to embrace, but it’s just that — fact. Don’t waste your time worrying about it. Instead, get to work! While there’s nothing wrong with being competitive, if you spend too much time worrying about being the best, you just won’t get anything done.
  3. Never steal the work of other designers. Respect yourself, your fellow designers, the creative industries, and the entire universe by never, ever stealing someone else’s work. You’re better than that. Don’t do it, ever.
  4. Success is relative — it may look different to those around you. As a new designer, it’s important to understand that not everyone sees success the same way you do. People often have different priorities. Being mindful of this will help you better understand those with whom you work.
  5. Be yourself. Be yourself. Be yourself. This is key. People love authenticity and even a little vulnerability. You owe it to yourself and those you’ll work with to be genuine.

Being new to the world of design can be intimidating, exciting, and inspiring. It’s a journey! Be sure to make the most of it by following your gut and working your hardest. You’ve got this!

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