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everything has been figured out, except how to live” Jean-Paul Sartre

Modern currency systems have been taken for granted while growth economics have been privileged and prevailed or almost 100 years — currency systems are treated indifferently as if they don’t matter. But modern currency systems have their roots in sovereign political needs which has compelled their use for day-to-day trade and market activities to be viable for sovereign purposes. The unintended consequence has been to require fractions (national currency units) of geopolitical struggles be used in day-to-day activities by global citizens each in their respective countries. This was not…

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Social Equity (SE) in Public Administration (PA) has a nearly 50 year history and recently has become an accepted pillar of PA. While there are no shortage of texts and articles on the merits and debated contents of SE theory, there is a gap in the literature for consideration of its entire history and an examination of early motivations and resistance to its founder’s — H. George Frederickson — efforts to react to the growing social influences in U.S. culture and the shortcomings of PA theory.

This paper reviews SE from its early formation by Frederickson though the matriculation of…


“Money is coined liberty…”
Fyodor Dostoevsky

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United States electoral campaign finance has a rich history from the earliest notions of the Republic when still under colonial rule to the present day; it has been a historical struggle of ethics to balance competing values of speech and corruption-free campaigns and outright bribery (C-SPAN, 1997). In the contemporary United States, through a series of legislative and regulatory efforts over several decades, campaign finance has taken on many shades of public support, mostly lack thereof, and derision. …

Joe Walton

Ph.D. of Public Policy | MPA | CISSP | social & info science | |

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