Watching Your iPhone Work to Protect You from Covid-19

But how can I see it actually doing stuff?

What else could it do?

  1. How risky is my current behaviour?
    How many devices did my phone see in the past 24 hours? How many rolling proximity identifiers (RPIDs) did my phone log? I know that you are not supposed to be able to derive a Tracing Key from an RPID, but could the system run a function over a set of RPIDs and estimate the number of unique Tracing Keys they represent?
  2. How effective is the app at warning people about potential exposure?
    We had 625 new cases of Covid-19 reported yesterday in Ontario. How does that compare to the 246 Tracing Keys my phone received? Do the time frames line up? Can I compare them? What’s the effective penetration of the app?

Closing thoughts



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