15 SEO Tips You’ve Always Been Looking For

SEO, or search engine optimization, is more than just an element of great marketing. It is how users can find you, how you can stand out in a saturated search engine and how your business can stay competitive. If you’ve got a fantastic website, but you haven’t invested in the right SEO, then you could be missing out on thousands of extra unique views as well as potential conversions. Right now, 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine. Let that work to your benefit, and make the most of these 15 SEO tips you’ve been looking for.

1. Don’t Change Your Domain Name

Websites who are frustrated with their traffic numbers often decide to change their domain name to be more appealing. Unfortunately, that can be a disaster that only backfires and achieves the opposite result. Part of your site’s ranking on search engines has to do with the age of your domain name, with a longer history being most desirable. Changing your domain frequently only sets you back in the rankings.

2. SEO Isn’t Instant — So Start Right Now!

One of the most important tips any digital marketing professional should be aware of is the lag that takes place between the time that you begin using SEO practices and when they actually begin to take effect. If you upgrade an older website, for instance, and begin adding in relevant keywords, meta tags and headers, that information won’t boost your page’s ratings right away. That process can take weeks and even months, in some cases, to become beneficial. For that reason, it is never too soon to start integrating SEO into your marketing plan.

3. Hyperlink Specific Search Terms

Hyperlinks are links embedded right into the words on a page. In an article about your company, for example, you might include a few links to the sales page or the homepage of your website. Hyperlinks are always a great idea, but they shouldn’t be attributed to generic terms like “click here” or “this”. Instead, hyperlinks should be used for specific terms that relate to your business. If you sell widgets, hyperlink words related to that, such as “red widgets” or even “where to buy widgets”.

4. Keyword Stuffing is a Thing of the Past

In the early days of SEO, savvy marketing professionals tried to boost their rankings by stuffing their content with a high percentage of keywords. While this worked initially, algorithms have gotten more sophisticated, which means that keyword stuffing is no longer effective. Instead of using a unique keyword like “dating services for professionals” a dozen times in a 500-word article, limit it to once or twice for maximum success.

5. Links Are Currency — Spend Them to Receive Them

In the world of SEO, links are an incredibly valuable resource. The more links you have going to your website, the higher it ranks in search engines. Of course, other successful websites won’t want to offer links to your page out of the goodness of their hearts. It helps to create great content that deserves to be shared, of course, but marketing professionals should also create relationships. By linking more often to others, they are more likely to link back to you. The best links come from pages with high views and great reputations, such as those ending in .edu.

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