Artemis Update #1

Joseph Delong
Jun 7 · 2 min read

v0.5.1 Merged into Master Branch

Following much anticipation we were able to merge 0.5.1 into our master branch. The team has been working on the update diligently since early May and has finally completed the merge. The 0.5.1 update is huge in terms of the number of the changes from 0.4 to 0.5.1. Which can be viewed in the change log for 0.5.0 and 0.5.1.

Some of such issues regarding the update was breaking change to SSZ that restructured how bytes were serialized. Previously, all SSZ types following the same serialization scheme. After the update SSZ containers implicitly carry their type. The type now affects serialization and hashing schemas.

In addition, changes to the structure, parameters, and naming of core methods in the specification created the need for reimplementation and retesting.

Deposit Merkle Tree

Work on implementation of the merkle deposit tree started three weeks ago. We have successfully implemented the MerkleTree data structure and proof generation algorithm that will satisfy the 0.5.1verify_merkle_branch method.

Prometheus Integration

Antoine Toulme has been assisting team Artemis with an implementation that allows for Prometheus monitoring.

Artemis Testnets

The Artemis team is running and testing short lived testnets on the WhiteBlock platform using the Hobbits protocol.

Minimal Viable JVM libP2P implementation

Artemis is teaming up with Harmony and Protocol Labs to create a minimal libp2p implementation that is compatible with golibp2p on the wire-protocol level.

Coming Soon: Hobbits Bounties

ConsenSys will be posting bounties to implement Hobbits for all clients. In a strategy that will ensure that all clients have this as a networking option in preparation for the #Interop Lock-in. Stay tuned or join us in our Gitter channel for more information.

Interop Lock-in

September 6–13, 2019 The Artemis team has also been coordinating a retreat open to all Ethereum 2.0 implementation teams and researchers. The goal of #Interop is to bring all the Ethereum 2.0 implementation teams together and bring all the clients to interoperability. Interoperability is the ability for clients to universally communicate.

External Contributors

We would also like to thank our recent external contributors to the project. Venkatesh Mankena, Alex Towle, and Antoine Toulme