My relationship with Themify dates back to before Themify was a company. I was regularly reading a blog called Web Designer Wall. Nick La, the man behind Web Designer Wall, later started Themify. Themify was a theme company that benefitted from many of Nick’s CSS and HTML approaches. Since I was already an avid follower of Nick’s blog. My approach to CSS fell perfectly into Themify’s WordPress themes.

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Before we go any further, I want to emphasize that I am openly an advocate of Themify. It’s also worth noting that I have received their products…

Email marketing is the most effective form of marketing. However, the main challenge with email marketing is obtaining a quality email list. I do not recommend buying email contacts from outside sources. It is best to build your email list through your events, website, or mobile application. To build a quality email list from your website you will need both website traffic and incentives, which will motivate your site visitors to give you their email address. Below are ten of my personal suggestions to help you retrieve those valuable email leads.

1. Offer Content that will be Released in the Future

This is a method I am personally using to…

It is reasonable to assume every web designer has used lorem ipsum, and any professional would be hard-pressed to make a living without it. Lorem ipsum is the standard filler text in design and publishing. A frontrunner form of lorem ipsum began widespread use by the 1960s. In the 1980s, Aldus Corporation employed lorem ipsum in the publishing program Pagemaker Templates. However, as we trace the history, it becomes obvious that the use of lorem ipsum has its limitations, and it should inevitably be left in the past.


I recently made the switch from using a 2013 Mac Pro to a Windows desktop. Until that point, I had utilized both systems since grade school. Many have asked me why I made the change. I just finished watching the film Jobs (2013) and I have read Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs Biography several times, which helped inspire this post!

One of the most notable differences between successful and unsuccessful designers has little to do with the quality of their final product. Of course, creative work must be “good,” but a clumsy creative process often leads to a negative experience for the client. The half-baked process, its presentation to the client, and their negative experience could then greatly reduce the chance that clients re-hire you or hand you referrals. I would go as far as to say that this negative experience will actually affect the way a customer perceives the overall value of your work.

I have been asked by…

Web Designers are as diverse as websites. However, the purpose of this article is to attempt to nail down what consistently breeds success. While I use the term ‘commandments,’ I recommend looking at the following more as guidelines:

Thou Shalt Design for Mobile

Google is set to prioritize mobile websites over desktop in their search results listing. While this is not an SEO article, it is important to highlight this incredible trend. For the web developer and anyone interested in the design, this means that the mobile device experience is more important than ever.

Learn more about The AMP Project (, …

About a year ago I was listening to a podcast interview. Tim Ferriss is podcaster and bestselling author. This particular episode of The Tim Ferriss Show was an interview with Matt Mullenweg, whom is the owner of a three-billion dollar tech company (Automattic). In the interview Mat encourages the use of the Colemak keyboard layout. Mullenweg goes as far as financially incentivizing a Colemak transition for all of his employees. Colemak is a strong candidate for the fastest English keyboard layout in existence and may help you to type notably faster.

In the SSL era, bots and hackers are on the rise. Never have we seen so much potential for damage so quickly. Many think cost effective solutions elude most of us because of our limited budget or our technical knowledge. CloudFlare is the solution to the aforementioned problem. This post is based on a presentation I recently attended, where 15-year cyber-security expert, Jim Walker (, openly vouched for CloudFlare as a free security measure. This article summarizes Jim’s presentation.

Problems CloudFlare Solves

CloudFlare allows you to mitigate denial-of-service issues. A denial-of-service attack occurs when too many visitors go to your site and create…

Tomo, whom is Davinci’s owner, is a master ‘Instagrammer’ and attracter of followers. Her Instagram account (@davinci_mainecoon) recently passed 100k in followers with no previous form of fame to boost off of. The current most followedInstagram account, @taylorswift, could have developed a following regardless of content and strategy. Tomo was kind enough to share a few key strategies of her success.

Why did you start an Instagram account for your pet?

When I started Da Vinci’s account, it wasn’t because of some grandiose mission. My personal account was overwhelmed with pictures of Da Vinci. When I watched America’s Next Cat…

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