Public Sale and Staking on the Crodo stage

Public Sale:

Measure of tokens for public deals = 2 000 000 CRODs or $ 360,000 are designated at $ 0.18 per token.

For public deal in Crodo stage

Sum token: 500 000 CRODs

Arrangements will start 3 weeks before posting. The business declaration will be delivered on our informal organizations and outsider media assets with a connection to the application.
In the application, a potential member will require:

• Interface MetaMask wallet

• Interface Telegram - bot

• Buy into the feed in Telegram

• Confirm KYC

For playing out this essential activities + 1 ticket.

Extra tickets will be credited for:

• Join Telegram visit +1 ticket

• Twitter membership +1 ticket

• Repost posts about open deal on Twitter +1 ticket

• Disunity Join - Channel +1 ticket

• Buy into instagram - account +1 ticket

• Like and notice of 3 companions in the remarks to the post about open deal in instagram +1 ticket

• Different assignments from accomplices

The quantity of a member's tickets influences karma.

The culmination of the members' enrollment will happen following multi week. Upon culmination, all finished client activities will be checked and arbitrary 1200 champs not entirely set in stone.

In the event that the tokens are not completely recovered in one day, then the following rounds will begin until all tokens are reclaimed.

For public deal in other stage

Sum token: 1 500 000 CRODs

Subtleties will be posted later.
CROD - stage tokens that can be locked for a period from 7 to 730 days. By impeding tokens in the agreement, clients have an opportunity to reclaim the assignment.

The impeding time frame is a multiplier that builds the quantity of your "Gravity" as indicated by the equation:

GRAVITY = CROD*(Sqrt(days/2))/12

Where "days" is the quantity of impeding days

Contract address (TestNet): 0x56DD498BCECA94d2893FA479EEc943feA4f56096

Contract source code:
Marking Rewards:

Prizes will be reported multi week preceding posting.

Marking will offer clients the chance to impede tokens on the site for benefit as similar CROD tokens.

Period for giving honors is a half year

Complete number of tokens to be compensated: 1,000,000 CROD

The award is determined relatively between all members.

Likewise, members are given titles, which moreover persuades not to pull out tokens. While pulling out tokens, the title is reset.


A framework for separating members by levels is essential for an even and fair dispersion of tokens in pools.

Contingent upon the hindered CROD tokens and the obstructing time, members get various levels.

Gravity draws in amazing good fortune! The greater Gravity you have, the more opportunity you need to win. You get gravity for marking and in the reference program.

• "Star" = 100 Gravity. 1 Lottery ticket

• "Red Giant" = 1 000 Gravity. 12 Lottery tickets

• "Cosmic explosion" = 5 000 Gravity. 100 Lottery tickets

• "Neutron Star" = 10 000 Gravity. 300 Lottery ticket

• "Pulsar" = 50 000 Gravity. Ensured distribution

• "Dark opening" - Guaranteed support. Given to the people who impeded tokens and didn't pull out for a very long time and, simultaneously, have no less than 50 000 Gravity (has the title of Admiral and the level "Pulsar")

The higher the level, the more you get a designation, and the more it allows an expansion in opportunities, up to ensured cooperation at more elevated levels.

Distribution is how much tokens that will be accessible for recovery.

Positions are granted for the time you keep tokens on the site. While pulling out tokens from the site, the position is reset to the first.

1. Crew members - base position

Ensign - gave following multi month of impeding, gives + 15% to Gravity.

2. Leader - gave following 3 months of obstructing, gives + 20% Gravity .

3. Commander - gave following a half year of obstructing, gives + 25% Gravity.

4. Chief naval officer - gave following a year of impeding, gives + 30% Gravity, and furthermore gives the "Dark

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