Restoring Gasline flow to the East Coast

The east coast should be expecting a spike in their gas prices. This is due to a pipeline in Alabama that sprung a leak and as a result shutdown. Even though the spike is most likely going to be temporary due to shortage of gas.

The Pipeline was one of two major lines that connected to multiple refineries, that provide to cities in the east from Georgia to New York. This means that the company that provide the gas from Colonial Pipeline Co., which is 40% of the entire east coast! as an result they will see more increases then they already had, which has been roughly around 7% so far.

Colonial is trying to work out a way to keep the gasoline running by going around the leak. They have decided to build a bypass pipe around the leak. This project is getting underway as soon as the Department of Transportation gives colonial the OK. And the repairs to the main pipeline will be countinued as time permits.

According to Tom Kloza, an energy analyst with the Oil Price Information Service, because of the leak and shutdown, many gas stations on the east coast will experience shortages of gas. This means that the prices have to go higher and raise about 20 to 30 cents more per gallon.

“The Colonial pipeline is the metaphorical aorta for the supply to the most-populated regions of the country, and you’ve lost 10 days of blood flow,” Tom Kloza.

The Georgia based Colonial Pipeline co, estimates that about 252,000 to 336,000 gallons of gas was lost in the leak. However, most of the gas has been collected into a retention pond. The company has shown no major concers with the safty of the public with over 250,000 gallons of gas that was just leaked into the enviroment.

Many home owners and residents that live around the Wildlife Management area, where the leak took place, are concerned with their homes and well being. Even though the EPA has stated that the vapor and gas cause no threat to the residents of the area. But, people are not the only things being affected by this leaky pipe.

There are now 2 ponds that are contaminated with the leaked gasoline and 1 that has been impacted but, definately not the same level of pond 1 or 2. The EPA and colonial itself are testing the waters all around the leak and they have come to the conclusion that no constinuets have reached Peel Creek, which is a tributary to the Cahaba River. The 3 Ponds however, have caused an issue that is yet to be resolved. The Gasoline is being removed from the ponds, slow and steady. Only about 55,000 gallons of gasoline even though that sounds like a lot, compared to how many gallons has been spilled out it is only a mear percentage.

“When Line 1 restarts, it will take several days for the fuel delivery supply chain to return to normal. As such, some markets served by Colonial Pipeline may experience, or continue to experience, intermittent service interruptions,” Don Porin, Colonial spokesman.

The pipeline has plans to be repaired and the construction has already started but, there still is no final end date for the construction. Due to the hazardous vapor concentrations workers have been on a very weird work schedule, resulting in not has the end date. When the pipe is up and runing again there is no guarantee that the prices will dropped to normal, this is because the gas still needs to be shipped out and delivered.

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