Announcing the Framework Creator’s Summit

What if you could get the Vue, Ember, React, Angular, and Elm teams in the same room to discuss solutions to the problems that we all face. That would be pretty amazing wouldn’t it? Well, here at the Framework Summit, we’re putting together exactly that.

We built this conference on the ideal that frameworks are not something to compete over, or to fight about, but instead to learn about and grow from and grow with.

That’s why I’m crazy excited to announce that in conjunction with the conference, we will be hosting the first annual Framework Creator’s Summit. This summit will happen on October 1st, the day before the conference. It will be a special event for those who actually create the frameworks we use in our jobs. It will be attended by the teams of the current modern front end frameworks, including but not limited to React, Ember, Vue, Angular, Elm, and more.

Just think of that: some of the brightest minds in our industry will all be in the same room,working together to improve all our lives.

These teams will spend a day talking with and learning from each other. Learning how to improve their respective communities, how to level up their documentation, improve open source contributions, find new ways to work together as producers of tools, and many other topics.

We hope to make this an annual event, to bring the creators of these amazing tools together each year, so that they can learn from each other to make better and better tools and communities for us: the consumers of their amazing work.

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