• Leonardo Rafaeli

    Leonardo Rafaeli

  • Tim Robertson

    Tim Robertson

    Lead UI & mobile engineer @ Spredfast

  • filipe pereira

    filipe pereira

    Senior Web Developer and Technology Geek

  • Rodrigo Castilho

    Rodrigo Castilho

    Senior Front End Engineer / Senior React Native Developer at @xpinvestimentos and Ex-@Yahoo in a serious relationship with programming languages.

  • Max Krieg

    Max Krieg

    Software Engineer @pluralsight. Hybrid coder/outdoorsman. Thoughts are my own.

  • Marek R

    Marek R

  • Ramin Zamani

    Ramin Zamani

    VP, MindFire Agency www.raminzamani.com

  • Tim Caswell

    Tim Caswell

    Lover of all things good in life, including Family, Friends, Food, and Functional Programs. Nodejs hacker and teacher.

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