Use What You Know to Improve the World

I love tech conferences. Attending and speaking at them is definitely one of the largest contributing factors to my motivation and success as a developer. I have been to a lot of conferences, most of them really good, some amazing ( and some not so great.

Since I have gotten involved in organizing conferences, I have found even more meaning and opportunity in them.

The Message of Tech Conferences

One thing tech conferences do well is to just put forward technology for others to learn. Overall, there’s very little judgement, very little politics. The message of a tech conference is very clear: “here is some technology for you to learn.”

The Dark Side

But there is definitely a darker side to technology, especially in the front-end framework space. Few technologies are as divisive and religious as front-end frameworks. I have so frequently heard comments like “that framework is stupid.” or “that framework is terrible” and similar things. There’s a surprising amount of religiosity among front-end frameworks. And that is in-person comments I have heard. Head over to reddit and it just gets mean.

Maybe it was just because I love organizing conferences, but as I saw this issue, and felt how much I disliked this trend, I decided the best way to solve it was with a conference. In retrospect, that sounds like a ridiculous solution. But at the time it made sense.

So at the Framework Summit, the message that tech conferences usually put out has been expanded: “Here are competing technologies. You should learn them all.”

The Creator’s Summit

It took over three years of work, but not only did it come together nicely, but there were some surprising developments. The biggest of which was the Creator’s Summit. I get to be involved in getting representatives of the React, Vue, Ember, Angular, and Elm teams together for a massive summit. The focus? Improving the frameworks we all use, and improving the communities around those frameworks, and by extension, the community at large.

Regardless of how successful the Framework Summit may get, I will always feel honored that I got to be part of putting those amazing people together to give them a place to make things better for all of us.