You are most kind to write to let me know that you feel something similar to how I sometimes can…
Kyle Argento Luvumn

(Response to Kyle Silver)

I am at my most joyous of state, particularly as you, my companion in Medium, responded to my response to another person’s story. I will most definitely find the firmness of my bossom to not betray your trust in me to study in depth the lists of tales you have generously written. You have my word.

However, I, your companion in medium, am in need of your assistance as well. As you may know, the improvement of readership is never a notion which is pondered upon with ease. And so, I request of you, Sir Kyle Silver, to kindly lay your delicate finger on that follow button and recommend my latest story, “The Ballad of Chipped-Tooth the Failed Kickboxer.”

I await your response. I will leave my utterance upon your venerable tales.