Attitudes, Behaviors of Plastic and Water

We have all been guilty of using a lot of plastic and then throwing that plastic out. Also using too much water. I mean who doesn’t like a long hot shower. The reading talked about the difference between habits, opinions and our beliefs of why we do a certain action. This reading was interesting to me because there are a lot of differences between them than you think. Growing up I was taught to use less plastic and to use reusable shopping bags. Also where I grew up is a desert so I had to either take a two minute shower or go jump in our pool. So it’s a habit to always have reusable bags when I go grocery shopping. I can see how it can be hard for someone to change from using regular shopping bags that they just throw away if they are not brought up or taught that way. Most reusable shopping bags are not too expensive to buy and they last longer.

In one of the videos it said that we “throw away 2.5 million plastic water bottles every hour” And in one week we “go threw 10 million plastic bags.” That is a lot of plastic that is ending up in our oceans. However a lot of people have a different attitude towards this. Some it is negative and they get fired up about. Others don’t think it's a big deal and don’t want to change their opinion. You cant force someone to change what they think because everyone is entitled to say and think what they want. But…….there are ways to teach people of how this can affect our environment and a better way to do things.

Now back to water.. in one of the videos they broke down how much water certain food use and what you should eat or drink since those use less water. Some people might look at this and say well I don’t want to eat salads all the time because thats boring or I don’t like them. Even though they use “31 gallons of water.” However it was interesting to see how much water certain foods use!! I drink a lot of coffee and it takes “37 gallons.” A lot of people like coffee and I don’t think most people know it uses that much water. So this was a good video to make you think and hope inspire you to change your behaviors.

Now nobody has an exact clear answer of how to solve this.. we just seem to tell people what to do and people don’t like that. We can suggest or communicate it to them in a learning sort of way. A way that gauge how concerned people are about different situations is to use a survey. We can ask them:

  1. Do we use too little or too much money or is just right for the environment?
  2. I think its important to conserve our water( agree/disagree scale)
  3. Have you made any changes in using less plastic? Yes, or No and why?

There is an assumption that attitudes are strongly related to behaviors because people tend to behave in ways that are consistent with their attitudes. People say that they care about the environment, but they are still buying the big SUVs and building bigger houses, etc. We are all guilty of say one thing and doing another. However if we don't do something about our behaviors or attitudes our planet will still suffer regardless. Its all about taking small steps and building up from their.


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