25 Realistic Things I Want My Daughter to Know
John LeFevre

Hello John LeFevre, I don’t have to read “Straight To Hell” to know about Wall Street culture. It is a focal point of America’s cultural devolution. And, I have followed the Washington Mutual / FDIC / JP Morgan debacle daily for over 7 years now because I invested in WAMU right after their holding company’s bankruptcy filing in late Sept., 2008. Anyway, I’m now in my 60’s and I have a 19 year old daughter in college. I shared your list with her today and we have a discussion going. First I want to thank you for this list and then I want to offer my comments in line below. However, I would like your permission to post here or send directly to you for your review. After all, it is our daughters; the mothers or our collective future, who we are coaching. Shall I send to you? Best regards, Joseph E.

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