Worst (but still better than nothing): A date when you will get back to the person with the date when you can tell them when the deliverable will be delivered.
On Deliverables Or: The Absurdity Of Not Providing A Date

The worst, but usually the preferred method by many in big organisations, or probably just the de facto way of doing things.

No one wants to provide and actual/real deadline because that requires commitment and ownership, which also means accountability for the outcomes (right or wrong), and why would you want to deal with that? 😜

Sarcasms aside, I think is an issue with several ramifications, starting with leadership, and continuing with expectations, size of the organisation, resources, culture accountability and ultimately quality standards. If the bar is low on the latter, it becomes the norm towards the outcomes.

We usually hear that big changes need to be pushed from the top, probably that’s where we should look first.