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Jonas Ellison

Happy Birthday “Jonas from the Heart.”

I could not agree more and once again your post inspires me to keep on keeping it R E A L. Man, reading your words give me room to relax and breathe…and isn’t that where the real magic happens anyway? The formula for freedom is the same no matter what I’m doing. If I’m trying to hard, it constricts and blocks the creative energy, because it shifts from flow to force. And forcing anything just sucks the fun and joy out of what ever I’m pursuing.

Heart is exactly where I land when I read your words. And like you, that’s where I want to live my life. You know the mind, is an incredible and beautiful thing, when it’s used in service of the heart. So from my heart to yours, happy birthday word whisperer, girl-dad, Alex-man, keeper of the authentic, unpolished flame! Thanks for showing us your flaws while you show us your magic. And in doing so, you give us all permission to do the same. And in sharing with us the truly unique expression of Spirit that you are, it totally becomes about attraction, not promotion. Dude, it’s like we’re the ones who got the birthday present! Rock on with your fine self and enjoy all the joy, love, inspiration, insights and laughter you’ve given out this past year coming back to you ten fold in the form of celebration today. It’s so deserved. That being said, can we have some birthday cake now?

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