A brief ode to David Foster Wallace
Jonas Ellison

Two days in a row and I am compelled to write you again. OK full disclosure. It is with great embarrassment, combined with eagerness and excitement, that I had no idea who David Foster Wallace was, unitl now. Because I resonate so strongly with you, the moment you mentioned commencement speech, I stopped reading your blog and immediately clicked on the link. There I sat, alone at my desk for 20 intense, thought provoking, head nodding yes, mintues. Instant Impact.

How is it I never heard of this guy? Thrilled that I have found yet another “mentor,” a shamonic master of words and ideas, I searched for the documentary you and your wife watched. With all the discipline I could muster, I set it aside for later tonight, as some kind of huge reward that I will treat myself to after my own “long days grind.”

So back to your blog I went, knowing I was going to write and thank you for turning me on to this amazing, everyday man, who, like you, seems to posess that rare combination of brilliance and humility.

Then BAM! He what??? Just like when I started reading your post, I felt an instant connection listening to his speech, I felt like I had discovered a long lost brother of a different mother, a memeber of my tribe, someone who I instantly resonated with…and he did what?

There’s a lot of mixed emotions flying around, and it’s taking me to all kinds of places…I’ll have to set them aside for now and get on with “the day in and day out” routine. Don’t get me wrong, I am still very eager to explore and discover this guy, but it’s now tempered with trepidation knowing there is a particular outcome. Perhaps on some soul level, theres an even deeper feeling of indentification bing triggered. I just know I am experiencing a strong visceral response to the little window you’ve opened called DFW.

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