This week I have mostly been angry.

Vision deficiencies

This is a pretty handy new dev tool in Chrome (other browsers are available). It allows you to emulate vision deficiencies to help you get a better idea of how some people might view your website. A very handy tool that you can play around with to help see if you can improve things a bit.

Another one (that I may or may not have mentioned in an earlier edition) is NoCoffee, a Chrome app vision simulator that does even more (look, I’m sure other browsers have their own versions).

Brand marketing

This was of…

How are you today? It’s been another week alright, and I hope yours has been as good as it could have been. Here are some things I’ve enjoyed or spent time thinking about this week.

Facebook Shops

This will have been something in the works for a while, but the timing absolutely works in Facebook’s favour (and that of small businesses). They’ve launched Shops, an e-commerce solution aimed at small businesses (or any business, I guess) to sell products through Facebook.

This makes sense, doesn’t it? Instagram’s had some shopping functionality for a while and now so this is an obvious next…

Well, it’s been a little while. Shit got real for a while; there was some illness (not me), there was some home schooling, there was lots of actual work. And writing these weekly notes felt like a step too far, so I took a break. I thought I’d feel worse about stopping the run I was on, but actually it felt good and I’m glad I gave myself the space.

Now feels like a good time to pick it up again. Will I stick to weekly notes? I’m not sure, to be honest. We’ll see. …

I took a week off from writing my notes last week because I simply didn’t have the space in my head to think about this stuff, really.

I’m a bit sad about not continuing the weekly streak but I am mostly glad that I put a bit of rest and relaxation (read: sleep) ahead of this. Which is sensible.

There are a few things to share this week that are worth your time, if you want to catch up because you’ve been busy. Alternatively, you might have read all this already. But indulge me.

Social media help

This is a good post by…

It’s Thursday evening again. As I’ve done for what feels like millennia now, I pick up my laptop, knock out a header image and dive into the (admittedly rather sparse) “This Week Content” folder in my inbox. A Twitter focus this week.

WWF and social distancing

I really liked this from the WWF. Relevant on many levels. It didn't feel forced or out of place, is on-brand and strikes a really sound tone. And it all looks nice.

Hello. I’m interspersing some news with otters, and a game of “that’s not an otter, it’s a capybara”. Good luck. No prizes, but we need some distraction.

I found five minutes to reflect on where we are

People need information. The most vulnerable of those we look after need communications and services they can rely on.

Be that face to face work shifting to a virtual solution, the creation of communities online to share information and support, designing content so people can quickly digest, act upon and share information... It’s digital’s time to shine; to help people (who are literally stuck) needing help, entertainment and life-saving information…

Our digital delivery…

I hope you’re doing ok, given everything that’s happening in the world right now. Work for me is fascinating — if not somewhat manic — right now. There is a lot happening, and so this week’s notes are going to be light touch. I’m going to not mention c*********s if I can get away with it… Let’s see.

Real life cookies lessons

I was invited to a lunch thing recently with William Joseph, all about cookies. Someone from the ICO was there and she was very nice. It was all very, very interesting. …

It’s just gone 22:30 on a Thursday night. I’m just home; I have eaten a burger, texted my Mum, been out and have drunk at least four pints with two different and equally great people, have been talking about the coronavirus all day, and also had to prepare two children for world-bloody-book day this morning (Harry Potter and Isadora Moon, in case you’re wondering) whilst the window guys turned up to fix our new windows in our as-yet-to-be-finished house.

But I’ll write these notes because it’s helpful and people read them, it seems. If you are “people”, I’m sorry. …

What have I come across this week that’s given me pause for thought? Let’s see.

Yorkshire Tea

Everyone’s written about the tea company winning Twitter this past week. It was indeed very good, and I don’t think there’s much more to say on it, apart from the fact that people need to be really mindful of messages and signals they send out, and the knock on impact that can have on others. Including all parties who must recognise the reach and impact they can have.

Will this change anything? Sadly, probably not. This idiot thought he was being funny when actually he…

I hope you’ve been having a good week. Me? Busy, as always, and I feel a little like things came at me all at once this week (and this was without the kids, who have been living it up with the grandparents during half term).

Here are some highlights from things I’ve seen and thought about.

Brexit data madness

Reuters published a story about Google moving UK users’ accounts outside of EU jurisdiction. The Guardian wrote a bit about it. I was signposted to this really interesting site about Brexit and data and regulation and policies;

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