Our Favourite Websites — June 2017

Joseph Fuller

The internet offers a seemingly endless stream of beautifully-crafted web creations. Whether it’s through the use of new technologies, creative typography, layout or silky smooth animations, we are able to see something truly unique being created every day. This series of articles documents a few of our very favourite creations from the past month.

1. Amaiò

Effortlessly elegant design and development — some lovely image loads and transitions. Also this is possibly the only time we’ve not minded seeing a newsletter pop-up… ever!!

2. Stained Glass — Interactive Music Video

Fantastically creative and interactive idea for an online music video! Take a peek and see if you can get a whole scene coloured in.

3. Accademia Del Lusso

A sleek and sexy one pager with some particle goodness to play with.

4. Searching For Syria

It’s always nice to see the digital landscape being used for good. This site aims to alter people’s perception around the crisis facing Syria in order to incite change. Give it a good look through and spread the word!

5. Marpi: Demos

It’s no secret that we love our WebGL so it’s no surprise that Marpi’s mosaic of experiments made it into our Top 7 this month!

6. DEVX Experiments

Did someone say WebGL? Another set of weird and wonderful dev experiments to feast your eyes upon!

7. L’Éloi

A look at some weird and wonderful work from production studio L’Éloi, featuring some of our favourite work from Greg Barth.

Joseph Fuller

Written by

Content Strategist at Green Chameleon. Contact: joseph@craftedbygc.com

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