A closer look at my struggling decades.

Gifted adult, Zebra*, High Potential Individual, etc. are the different terms that I have finally learnt to describe my condition.

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The image that we have of the gifted adult is often far from reality: We think that they succeed in everything they undertakes, that they are favoured, that they are intellectually superior to others, that they believe that they are superior to others…

The reality is much more complex and painful. Gifted people have most of the time a chaotic course at school and then in their professional life. …

Life as an entrepreneur can be full of ups and sometimes (still interesting) downs. As I was waiting for a money transfer that kept being delayed and as I had a big glass containers order for my organic food delivery company to make, I had no choice than to take a part time job.

I needed a very flexible job to keep working for my own company. So here I was, joining a call centre in Hammersmith, West London, as a French speaker for surveys in France or Benelux.

First, I did not recall sending them an application. I had…

A couple of days after my previous medium article titled: Why women entrepreneurs should orgasm daily, I was asked to be a speaker at the Web2Day, a tech summit in Nantes, West of France.

I am really excited and thankful for this opportunity. I want to talk more about sexuality, feminism and the society we live in so it’s a perfect occasion to continue to do so.

For those who don’t know me, I would describe myself as follows;

I am an average 30ish girl. Born in France, I’ve travelled most of my life and live in London. Geek, atheist…

When we eat, our body is essentially fed with exterior food. When we fast, le body is also nourished but by “interior food” also named self-restauration. The transition between one state to another, specially during the first fast, require a particular attention.

So it is important to be ready in your head, but being in a group, fasting all together in beautiful areas, away from our busy lives makes it much easier to remain determined to do it. Also, no need to be completely convinced that you can do it. YES, you are able to do it and you will!

Joseph Greve

Lisa Hobbs

Fasting is a traditional cleansing method going back to all ancient civilization; Fasting is a voluntary abstention from food with the exception of water.

“When the body is loaded with impure moods it makes it endure hunger: it dries up and purifies” said the Greek scholar Hippocrates.

We can stay several weeks without eating, but only a few days without drinking. We do not have a lot of water. Nevertheless, we do have food reserves in our tissues. Great traditional medicines have always used it as a preventive or curative.

Accompanied by a professional and supported by the energy of…

An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away…

As many of us, I have a tendency to stress, mood variation, mild depression, eating disorders, compensation for lack of love, attention, or self respect with unhealthy habits. These are unfortunately common emotions but very bad routines for active people or entrepreneurs : I need a clear mind and a fully energised body to take the best decisions and not a brain clouded by tensions or toxins.

As I have learnt that nature often gives us natural and free tools to fight our issues, in this case, stress in all its form…

Josephine Declerck

Geek, Feminist & Ecology fighter🌴 Naturopathy & Fasting Therapist 🧘‍♀️ Founder Eathical.co 🍉 Art Passionate. The future is ours to create!🤯

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